104-year-old skydiver dies days after jumping from plane to break record for oldest skydiver

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104-year-old skydiver lady kicked the bucket days in the wake of endeavoring to make the world record for the most established individual to leap out of a plane.

104-year-old skydiver dies: “Age is only a number,” Dorothy Hoffner told the Chicago Tribune, subsequent to jumping from a plane last Sunday.

Joe Conant, A dear companion of Hoffner’s let ABC7 know that she was found dead Monday morning at the Brookdale Lake View senior living local area. She seemed to have passed on in her rest.

“She was tireless. She recently continued onward,” he said Tuesday. “She was not somebody who might lay down for rests in the early evening, or not appear for any capability, supper or whatever else. She was generally there, completely present. She continued onward, consistently.”

Hoffner’s appetite for new experiences is her legacy

Simply seven days sooner, Hoffner turned into the most seasoned known individual to skydive. Skydive Chicago is working with the Guinness World Record to confirm Hoffner’s leap as a record.

Sweden’s Linnéa Ingegärd Larsson acquired the Guinness World record in May 2022 when she was 103 years of age.

“Skydiving is an action that a significant number of us securely conceal in our lists of must-dos. However, Dorothy advises us that it’s never past the time to take the excitement that could only be described as epic,” the assertion said.

“We are everlastingly thankful that skydiving was a piece of her invigorating, masterfully carried out life. Her inheritance is significantly more surprising a direct result of the consideration the world provided for her rousing story.”

A 13,500 foot leap of courage

On Sept. 30, Hoffner dumped her walker and on second thought loaded up a Skyvane plane in Ottawa, Illinois, 85 miles south of Chicago.

It was her subsequent time dropping from a plane. She previously went skydiving when she was 100 years of age and must be pushed out of the plane. This time around, she blissfully drove the pair 13,500-foot bounce.

The whole jump required seven minutes.

A 104-year-elderly person has kicked the bucket somewhat more than seven days after she possibly broke the world record for the most established skydiver 104-year-old skydiver dies.

Dorothy Hoffner hopped 13,500 feet from a plane with Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, Sick., on Oct. 1. 104-year-old skydiver dies She likely kicked the bucket in her rest Monday at Brookdale Senior Living, the middle said 104-year-old skydiver dies.

“The partners at Brookdale Lake View are profoundly disheartened by the death of our inhabitant, Dorothy Hoffner,” the assertion said 104-year-old skydiver dies.

Guinness World Records is as yet attempting to affirm in the event that Hoffner broke the record for the most established individual to bounce from a plane. The ongoing record has a place with Linnéa Ingegärd Larsson of Sweden, who was 103 when she took a leap in 2022, The Related Press revealed 104-year-old skydiver dies.

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