Affirmative action After the ban, US colleges change the essay topics for students 2023

Affirmative action Emory University students receive essay prompts to explore cultural origins, favorite songs, and reasons for attending college amid the Supreme Court ban on race-conscious admissions criteria.

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Affirmative action Students applying to Emory University in Atlanta this fall will receive additional essay prompts intended to elicit information about their cultural origins in addition to writing about their favorite songs and why they want to attend to college.

Since the U.S. Supreme Court declared in June that race-conscious admissions criteria were unlawful, upending a long-standing strategy for expanding minority participation in higher education, the altered questions are among the modifications at Emory and other highly selective universities.

To attract a diverse student body and avoid the steep declines in the number of Black and Latino applications that followed earlier curbs on affirmative action in areas like Michigan and California, universities must develop new affirmative action tactics.

The significance of students’ affirmative action personal essays is expected to rise as a result of the court’s decision. Chief Justice John Roberts emphasized that these essays are a place where students can still talk about how race has affected their lives, “be it through discrimination, inspiration, or otherwise.”

An already arduous application process that has given rise to a cottage industry of counselors and generated months of anxiety for high school kids and their parents will become even more unpleasant due to the increased scrutiny placed on those student writing samples.

Timothy Fields, senior associate dean of admissions at Emory, predicted that the inquiries will be considerably more focused.

For instance Affirmative action, one of Emory’s brand-new essay questions requests, “Tell us about a community that you have been a part of where your participation helped to change or Affirmative action shape the community for the better.”

On Tuesday, when the standard application used by many institutions becomes public for the new admissions cycle, U.S. colleges are scheduled to unveil their essay prompts Affirmative action.

Students at Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers, New York, may soon be asked a new question on how the Supreme Court’s decision might effect them directly.

Vice president for enrollment, “our hope is that this prompt gives our applicants a space to address a timely and difficult topic in society, one that could impact the student bodies of the colleges to which they are applying.”

However, in Affirmative action, he said that students shouldn’t feel as though they must revisit previous injustices or tragedies in order to be admitted to the college.


Worry over the aftermath for underrepresented minority understudies has provoked Amin Abdul-Malik Gonzalez, senior member of affirmation at Wesleyan College in Massachusetts, to reevaluate the effort visits confirmations officials continue consistently to select understudies. His group is arranging extra stops and gatherings to console understudies of variety that they are gladly received.

Be that as it may, he likewise should make time this fall for new preparation for confirmations officials who read the understudy papers so they can figure out how to function inside the limits of the court administering to fabricate a different class.

Holy messenger Perez, leader of the Public Relationship for School Confirmation Directing, said colleges’ effort to government funded school life coaches is particularly required.

Many secondary school advisors are dubious the way in which understudies ought to deal with inquiries of race and personality in their papers, Perez said. They additionally are vigilant that assuming they notice race in understudy suggestions, they will be welcoming examination or disregarding the court’s structure.

Others are of the opinion that a lot of students with outstanding academic records will have given up on the competitive application process.

According to Perez, anxiousness is the predominant overall feeling among school counselors at the moment.

Students of color have already begun working with private admissions counselors on essays that talk about their cultural heritage.

School advisor Shereem Herndon-Brown, who with Fields is a co-writer of the book “The Dark Family’s Manual for School Confirmations,” said he is empowering a Dark understudy from New York to recount the individual story of seeing family members in the South, a point that surfaced in discussion however was not the underlying focal point of the understudy’s exposition.

He warned that essays that only mention a person’s race or overstate their disadvantage will not help them get in. Instead, students will have to explain how they think and how they’ve changed as a result of their upbringing.

“It’s basically impossible to deceive a confirmations official or a school into accepting you as something that you’re not,” he said. I shall therefore request that students honestly communicate who they are.

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