Eagles open 2023 season with ugly win over Patriots

Eagles did everything in their power to keep the Patriots in the game. Almost lost a 16-point lead, gave up the ball with 3 1/2 minutes left deep in Eagles territory with a five-point lead, and failed to score a touchdown after the first quarter.

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Eagles defeated the Patriots in an ugly 25-20 victory. It is a success, but there is still a lot to improve.

Okay, everyone can now exhale deeply.


The following are our ten observations from Week 1:

  1. We’ve said the entire summer that one of the greatest qualities of this group and Scratch Sirianni specifically is their capacity to deal with affliction, and we are right here. To emerge from Foxboro with a success Sunday regardless of playing a genuine horrendous most recent 45 minutes says a ton. It should never have reached that point. This game never ought to have even been close. The Eagles shouldn’t have had to fight so hard in the fourth quarter to win this. But they did, and they came up with a way to do it; as of this week, the standings will show that they are 1-0. There’s an explanation the Birds have possibly lost two games in establishment history when they’ve driven by no less than 16 focuses toward the finish of the primary quarter – none since first day of the season 1999. It’s truly difficult to do. However, an offense that looked drowsy, a guard that battled, unique groups that had its typical high points and low points … made life extremely challenging. It’s difficult to envision the offense playing a lot of more terrible, difficult to envision the pass guard playing a lot of more awful, difficult to envision more things turning out badly in an opener. However, this team’s capacity to overcome challenges and win has been one of its distinguishing characteristics over the past few seasons. Take it as done. 1-0.
  2. This was Brian Johnson’s most memorable game as a NFL play guest and truly it was a hopeless presentation. The Eagles started the game with a long drive for a field goal and scored on a short field after a turnover, but they only gained two yards on their next five drives. It was a terrible offense that was boring and conservative, and most of the time, it was hard to even comprehend what the Eagles were trying to do or attack. Jalen Hurts was uneasy and out of sorts, the offense appeared sluggish, the running attack appeared predictable, and the lauded offensive line appeared average. Harms didn’t finish a pass longer than nine yards until the second from last quarter and without precedent for his vocation as a starter didn’t finish an ignore 15 yards. Dallas Goedert was where? He was spied on once. D’Andre Swift was where? Only in the fourth quarter did he get any carries. Where was the robust passing attack? It only produced 154 net yards. The offense managed just 18 points, went 4-for-13 on third down, racked up 251 yards, averaged less than 4.0 yards per rushing attempt, and gave up three sacks due to Johnson’s inability to get the offense into a rhythm. Johnson and the offense have the luxury of knowing that there are a lot of problems to fix while still winning. Be that as it may, win or not, there’s a lot of work to do.
  3. I hated going for it on fourth-and-2 with two minutes left and the Patriots at their 44-yard line, five yards ahead, and I didn’t second-guess myself because I was screaming it before the play. I like to be aggressive. That’s what I get. In any case, the offense hasn’t worked well day in and day out. The Patriots are moving forward. The protection just permitted a score. Harms has been battling. It was a long two. Arryn Siposs even had a productive day. Dropkick them profound and take your risks. Nope. The pass never had a chance as Hurts locked onto DeVonta Smith, who was covered by Christian Gonzalez. aspire to be aggressive. Not at all. Not now.
  4. Desai’s unit’s demise by a middle-of-the-road quarterback, who ranked 26th out of 33 qualifying quarterbacks in passer rating last year, was a little disconcerting for him. Despite the Eagles’ victory, you can’t allow Mac Jones to throw for 316 yards and three touchdowns against you. I get that this is as of now not the very bunch that drove the NFL in pass guard last year, however they actually have a great deal of those pieces and they’ve quite recently became better. After the game, it was nice to hear Slay say that. There were certainly a few up-sides. The Eagles were able to force two turnovers, appeared to be much better against the run, and only gave up six points after the half. That gave me hope. Yet, the Loyalists truly had no hotshot weapons out there, so for them to stack up 382 yards – 210 after halftime – that can’t occur.
  5. Jalen Hurts just seemed off on Sunday, so I have no idea what the hell was going on with him. It was probably a lot of different things all at once. terribly off. In a bad way, conditional. He didn’t look like himself, and I’m sure some of it was his first game with Johnson. Not what anyone expected from the MVP runner-up from last year. He played some plays early and some plays late, but he wasn’t very good between the two. Five possessions yielded two yards of offense for the Eagles at one point. They didn’t score a score on their last nine drives. On their first two drives, they had eight first downs, and on their next 10 drives, they had nine. And that error. That simply cannot occur. Hurts can’t cough the ball up there, despite his resentment of the play call.
  6. The fact that the Eagles were unable to exert any pressure on Mac Jones, who was protected by a shaky offensive line and three backups, surprised, in fact. For this guard to work, the front needs to produce pressure. This is how this team came to be. Jones threw 47 passes before he was sacked for the first time late in the fourth quarter, so no one is expecting 70 sacks like last year. How could that possibly be? This d line is the strength of this group and they must be better.
  7. It’s also a little doomsday that the team, which had only a few injuries last year, lost Nakobe Dean, James Bradberry, and Fletcher Cox. We don’t have the foggiest idea yet how serious any of them are, and ideally they’re both back on the field Thursday night, yet it simply centers how surprising last year was from a physical issue point of view and how the Birds can’t bear to begin losing individuals
  8. What about Josh Jobe covering the game’s biggest play? On the Patriots’ final drive, with Bradberry out of the game, Jobe was in the game at the outside corner. On the crucial fourth-and-11, with the Patriots just 20 yards from winning the game, Mac Jones pursued Jobe. Jobe had a great training camp, but he had only played 12 defensive snaps in his career. Twelve. Furthermore, in a high-influence circumstance, with the game on the line, 29 seconds left? Jobe was not too far off on Kayshon Boutte with breathtaking inclusion, securing the success. Jobe could in all likelihood be a starter one day. He gave us an impression Sunday night into what sort of player he might be.
  9. We should discuss Jake Elliott briefly. He is such a weapon, and having a fourth-and-long just inside the opposing 40-yard line gives you a huge advantage when the offense is struggling. The Hawks frantically required focuses right off the bat in the second from last quarter, and here comes Elliott to endeavor a 56-yard field objective. That is turned into a layup for Elliott. Naturally, he hit it right, and he is now 5-for-6 in his career from 56 yards or longer. Nobody else in NFL history has hit more kicks from 56 yards or longer. The Eagles needed all four points, so Elliott added a 48-yarder in the fourth quarter and finished 4-for-4. He was the degree of the Birds’ scoring after the primary quarter. After the first quarter on Sunday, the Eagles didn’t do too well, but Elliott is always there. He’s on par with anyone.
  10. I truly thought the general purpose of building a running back room with four skilled running backs was to pivot them and keep guards wobbly. With Rashaad Penny latent, the Hawks were down to Kenny Gainwell, D’Andre Quick and Boston Scott. The other running backs, on the other hand, had a combined two carries for six yards and four total touches for 13 yards, while Kenny Gainwell was 14 for 54 rushing and 4 for 20 receiving. All of this contributes to the running attack’s predictability. Swift requires more alterations. Penny requirements to track down a spot on the game-day program. The Eagles’ backs are dynamic, adaptable, and capable of significantly boosting the offense. However, not if they do not receive the ball.
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