Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Run for President as Independent, Leaving Democratic Primary

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The political scion told supporters he would end his campaign as a Democratic candidate and run as an independent, potentially upsetting the dynamics of the 2024 election.

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In a move that could modify the elements of the 2024 political race, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said on Monday that he would proceed with his official run as an autonomous applicant, finishing his remote chance quest for the Popularity based designation against an occupant president.

“I’m here to proclaim myself a free contender for leader of the US,” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told a horde of allies outside the Public Constitution Community in Philadelphia.

Since reporting his bid in April, Mr. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., 69, has been a sharp pundit of Majority rule initiative, which he has blamed for “commandeering the party hardware” to smother his test to President Biden. He has additionally said, in interviews and in open appearances, that the party has deserted its standards and become undermined.

Running as a free will involve a costly, daunting struggle to get on the polling form in each of the 50 states. Last week, Cornel West, a liberal intellectual and official competitor, said he would run as a free, forsaking his endeavors to get the Green Coalition’s designation.

The scion of a liberal political tradition, Mr. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has distanced relatives and numerous leftists with his advancement of paranoid ideas, his dismissal of logical orthodoxies and his hug of extreme right political figures.

Mr. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a natural legal counselor, has been lionized by a development that has extended past enemy of immunization opinions, including resistance to the compulsory inoculation of youngsters, to push back more comprehensively against state general wellbeing measures. As of late, his open doubts about the public authority’s treatment of the Covid and his analysis of lockdowns and immunization strategies gave him another stage and procured him fame among numerous Americans who wearied of the pandemic.

As a competitor, he has constructed a base of help comprised of irritated citizens across the political range, however a few leftists have stressed he represents the greatest danger to their party, expecting that any outsider bid could strip off electors from Mr. Biden.

Not long after Mr. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. entered the race, a few surveys showed him with up to 20 percent of Vote based help — which was by and large a proportion of the craving among some for an option in contrast to Mr. Biden. Mr. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s numbers have listed lately, however his mission, which harps as much on wistfulness for his political heredity as it does on doubt about the logical and political foundation — keeps on speaking to a specific cross-part of distrustful leftists, political moderates and free movers.

Mr. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has raised two fundamental grumblings about the Popularity based Public Board, which is supporting Mr. Biden’s re-appointment exertion. In the first place, he said, Mr. Biden and the party pushed to change the principal essential state from New Hampshire — where Mr. Kennedy, who has New Britain roots, partakes in a base of help — to South Carolina, the express that protected Mr. Biden’s mission in 2020.

Second, the party has wouldn’t sort out for banters between Mr. Biden and Mr. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Mr. Biden’s mission and the D.N.C. have likewise basically would not recognize Mr. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s nomination, and have tried not to say his name.

“It ought to be a party’s electors who pick a competitor, not party insiders who bless one,” Mr. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wrote in a letter to the D.N.C. last month.

“The DNC shouldn’t lean toward one competitor over another,” he added. “It should direct a fair, majority rule determination interaction, and afterward support the up-and-comer that its electors pick.”

Mr. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had prodded Monday’s declaration in a video last week, however his mission held off on affirming that he was evolving parties. However, some time before he got in front of an audience in Philadelphia, there was an unobtrusive change on Mr. Kennedy’s mission site. Where it had once perused “I’m a Kennedy leftist,” with the family name in italics, it was changed to: “I’m a Kennedy American.”

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