Tim Ballard, who inspired ‘Sound of Freedom’ movie, sued by 5 women alleging sexual assault

Tim Ballard The lawsuit comes a month after it was publicly revealed that Ballard had resigned from his nonprofit organization after he was accused of coercing women on missions.

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Operation Underground Railroad founder Tim Ballard in Amsterdam last year.

Tim Ballard Five ladies have sued Tim Ballard, whose educational encounters safeguarding youngsters from sex dealers roused the film “Sound of Opportunity,” blaming him for rape and battery.

The claim, recorded Monday in the Third Legal Locale Court of Utah, comes a month after it was openly uncovered that Ballard had left the charitable youngster salvage bunch he established, Activity Underground Railroad, or O.U.R.

Ballard was being scrutinized by an external firm recruited by O.U.R. for purportedly constraining somewhere around seven ladies to behave like “spouses” on abroad missions — a charge he has denied.

Ballard, a previous U.S. Country Security specialist, couldn’t promptly be gone after remark Tuesday. Last month, he excused charges against him as “misleading.”

In the claim documented Monday, a lady distinguished as “WW” said she contacted Ballard on Instagram in April 2021 on the grounds that she accepted the man she was dating could have been engaged with dealing.

Ballard purportedly welcomed the lady to his office in Lehi, Utah, to talk about her interests. During the discussion, Ballard supposedly found out if she could at any point go secret, to which she answered “No” however said she would think about it. The lady said she was then told to consent to a non-exposure arrangement and trained also anything to anybody, the suit says.

The lady said Ballard enlightened her regarding a strategy he utilized on missions called “Couples Trick,” in which ladies would go with him so the dealers wouldn’t become dubious that they were engaged with a sting activity.

Ballard professed to have severe guidelines for the “Couples Stratagem,” remembering no kissing or contacting for a sexual way, yet he purportedly involved it as a method for prepping the ladies, as per the claim.

The suit portrays one occasion in which Ballard let WW know that an individual she credited with assisting her with mending from a past rape couldn’t be relied upon. WW accepted Ballard on the grounds that she believed him, the suit says.

The claim portrays one more case in which Ballard purportedly stroked the lady’s leg during a gathering at his office to set up her for a mission.

The suit says Ballard got “baffled,” asked WW for what valid reason she was not answering him and told her that he had to realize she was drawn to him.

Ballard is blamed for grabbing WW more than once during a mission in Mexico. Each time, he demanded that they needed to “stay in character” and go about as though they were a “unusual couple” to cause the sting to appear to be credible, as per the suit. The lady additionally asserted that Ballard took her on missions at various back rub parlors that left her in risky circumstances.

The lady said in the claim that she felt re-damaged by the mission and that she had bad dreams when she got back. She wouldn’t do additional missions.

WW acknowledged what happened was not a typical piece of the mission after another lady, distinguished as “DM,” told her that Ballard had supposedly “pushed her in a tough spot and licked her stomach,” the claim says.

WW, DM and three different ladies sued Tim Ballard claiming rape and battery, misrepresentation, profound pain and connivance. O.U.R., its board and its subsidiary organizations are additionally recorded as respondents.

“They are outlandish developments intended to obliterate me and the development we have worked to end the dealing and double-dealing of weak youngsters,” Tim Ballard said last month in an explanation about the claims through his new enemy of dealing association, The Lance Asset.

Tim Ballard, a wedded dad of nine, proceeded to say that he upheld severe rules at O.U.R.

O.U.R. has affirmed to NBC News that Tim Ballard surrendered on June 22, yet it didn’t say why he left. It didn’t quickly answer a solicitation for input Tuesday.

Lawyers for the ladies said their clients had detailed their interests to O.U.R. yet, were disregarded.

“Thus, Tim Ballard was not uncovered by O.U.R. for what he really is — a sexual stalker,” the lawyers said in a news discharge.

“Sound of Opportunity,” the film in light of Tim Ballard’s life featuring Jim Caviezel, turned into an unexpected film industry hit over the mid year. The film fostered a gave following among moderate and strict gatherings, attracted to its depiction of Tim Ballard courageously separating youngster sex dealing rings.

“The awful incongruity isn’t lost on these five ladies: that Tim Ballard in a real sense dealt them for his own sexual and boastful delight,” lawyers Suzette Rasmussen and Alan Mortensen said.

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