Wyatt, a WWE star renowned for the Wyatt Family and “The Fiend,” passes away at the age of 36.

Wyatt The widely regarded “The Fiend” character was introduced to the ring by WWE superstar Bray Wyatt, who died on Thursday at the age of 36. He enthralled wrestling fans with his sinister image.

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Wyatt News by Paul “Triple H” Levesque, the chief content officer for WWE, posted a message on social media announcing Wyatt’s passing.

Windham Rotunda, better known by his ring name Bray , tragically passed away earlier today, Levesque stated in a statement. We ask that everyone respect the family’s privacy at this time as our thoughts are with them.

As a third-generation wrestler, Bray signed up with WWE’s NXT division in 2010 as Husky Harris. Later, he joined the Nexus faction and engaged in conflict with John Cena.

The Wyatt Family, a cult-like organization with dark ideas that also included the late Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, was where Wyatt first gained notoriety. The faction gained popularity among the audience because to one of WWE’s best entrances at the time, which involved supporters lighting torches into the darkened arenas to give them a backwoods vibe. Braun Strowman was later joined to the group.\

Following the dissolution of the Wyatt Family, Wyatt introduced the Firefly Fun House, a collection of clips that were broadcast in a children’s-style program that had Wyatt portraying a cheerful, amusing character with a few sinister moments thrown in. Wyatt would soon succumb to darkness, and in the ring, he made his debut as “The Fiend,” donning a demon-like mask with crimson eyes.

Particularly as WWE went through no-fans shows as the COVID-19 outbreak started, the character and the Firefly Fun House were hailed for their cinematography and ability to depict a movie-like persona. At this period, he also collaborated with Alexa Bliss. Before the current champion Roman Reigns, Bray would be the last person to hold the Universal Championship after winning it at SummerSlam 2020.

Following WrestleMania 37, Bray took a break, and in 2022, he appeared to be returning, according to short messages shown throughout WWE programming. Wyatt makes his explosive entrance back into the WWE at the conclusion of Extreme Rules that October. This time, he introduced a new, but still sinister, identity by using the term “Uncle Howdy,” and later engaged in conflict with LA Knight. At Royal Rumble, Wyatt would defeat LA Knight in a chaotic “Pitch Black match.”

That would be Bray’s final match before quitting on-air appearances to attend to a rumored injury. He spent more than ten years in the WWE and held the titles of Raw Tag Team Champion, WWE Champion, and WWE Universal Champion with Matt Hardy.

The two daughters and two boys of Bray, in addition to his wife JoJo, a former ring announcer, are left behind.

Wrestlers pay tribute to Bray Wyatt

On social media, several present and former wrestlers expressed their disbelief at the news and gave Bray admiration for his professional successes and pleasant personality.

Donald “The Rock” Johnson expressed his sorrow for Terry Funk’s passing and his love and respect for Bray and his family. At WrestleMania 32, Johnson and Bray appeared in a segment with John Cena.

Very rare, cool, and distinctive character that is challenging to develop in this wild pro wrestling industry. Still absorbing Terry Funk yesterday and Bray today after losing the goat. In this trying, terrible time, I send my love, light, strength, and mana to the Rotunda family and the Funk family, Johnson added.

Bliss, who was present when Bray performed as “The Fiend” and competed at WrestleMania 37, expressed how “extremely heartbroken” she was to hear of his passing.

One of the most inventive people to ever walk the globe and an amazing friend, she remarked.

Bray Wyatt, Former WWE Champion, Is Dead at 36
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